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Embrace Psychiatric Wellness Center is a private mental health practice founded by Dr. Leopold Bolona, with multiple offices located throughout New Jersey. We offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations, TMS treatment and medication management for children, adolescents and adults, with a particular focus on providing compassionate and comprehensive care.

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To expand our capability to provide quality care, Dr Bolona has recently teamed up with a group of independent practitioners and created a specialized therapeutic center called Better Everything.

The 3500 square foot center is the most comprehensive facility in the area, providing neuro-psychological, psycho-educational, and psychiatric evaluations; individual, family and group psychotherapy; yoga and mindfulness training; in-home behavior therapy and DIR Floortime; Occupational and Physical Therapies; Educational testing and tutoring!

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We pride ourselves on being inclusive, approachable and empathetic. Finding the “right” clinician, where you feel a genuine sense of connection, is one of the most significant variables in treatment success.

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Embrace Psychiatric Wellness Center continues to expand to add quality, caring, and respected team members across all of our New Jersey offices.

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