Stress Management

Stress management is one of the most challenging experiences any can live through. It’s overwhelming demeanor is usually viewed as a negative sign alerting your body, possibly leading to high anxiety, depression, and a melancholy lifestyle. But if we were to look at stress as beneficial response, the benefits can increase lifespan, and overall wellness.

When stress hits, people may experience an increase in heartbeat, sweating, or heavier breathing. These attributes, usually associated with stress in a negative manner, are signals that can cause downward spirals in both physical and mental health. If we were to view stress as in a positive light, these reactions are actually energizing. The increased breathing brings more oxygen into your heart, and your uptempo heartbeat is preparing you to act. Stress also release oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” fine tuning your social instinct. It strengthens close relationships, enhances empathy, and makes you more willing to help and support loved ones.

Here at the Short Hills Wellness center, we understand the challenges faced when managing your stress. By looking at stress as a helpful response we can create a healthier mind and body experience together. Visit our site to see what services can help you increase your overall health and wellness.